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Geplaatst op 28 augustus 2011

Met de overall winst binnen handbereik liet de wind het 20 mijl van de finish afweten; all in the game, maar hoe frustrerend kan het wedstrijdzeilen soms zijn…. Niettemin een heel knappe prestatie en winst in klasse IRC 4a.
Lees onderstaand blog van schipper/ eigenaar Harry Heijst:
August 18, 2011
After nearly 600Nm sailing we were very close to Plymouth when all of a sudden the wind refused to do any more work. It happened some 20Nm outside of the entrance to the port.
We could not avoid thinking a little bit about our likely 1st price in IRC4 Class, since it appeared that Pinta-M did not manage to get any closer, that Iromiquy could not possibly cover 70Nm at a speed of 8,7 knots and that Elmarlien was so far away from us, approximately 120Nm that she would need the all the luck in the world to beat Winsome. And finally there was the iPad waiting for the winner of the Blog writing.
All this was completely miscalculated once the wind went on strike.
We are now already two hours drifting on the water, 20Nm outside of Plymouth.
Find it funny or not, but just before it happened we emptied the reserve water Jerrycans, so we may be soon without water for the kitchen. Drinking water we have still plenty.
There is not any indication when the wind will return. May God have his soul. Our sails are down but not our resilience.
I may be back to you with another hundred of Blogs if this continues.
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